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  • Newbury

    SHELLY from Newbury & more cats in Berks. »

  • Newcastle

    LILLY & MOLLY from Newcastle & more cats in Northumb. »

  • Derby

    JOLENE from Derby & more cats in Derbys. »

  • Kingsbridge

    BLUEBERRY & MUFFIN from Kingsbridge & more cats in Devon. »

  • Cranham

    JAY from Cranham & more cats in
    Essex. »

  • Glasgow

    MILLIE from Glasgow & more cats in Strathclyde. »

  • Hastings

    NATALIE from Hastings & more cats in Sussex. »

  • Mitcham

    ELLA from Mitcham & more cats in
    Surrey. »

  • Crawley

    BILLY & EDDIE from Crawley & more cats in Surrey. »

  • Glasgow

    TOFFEE from Glasgow & more cats in Strathclyde. »

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Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat

Adopt an Older Cat

Homes Desperately Needed For 1,000's of Older Cats!

Most rescue centres have many adult and senior cats, longing for a new home. Even cats as young as 8 or 9 years get overlooked, even though these days that's just middle aged! Their plight is even worse in summer when many people just want kittens. Could you adopt an older cat?

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat »

low cost cat neutering and spayingDon't Wait until it's Too Late...

Please Neuter Your Cat (male or female)

Spring is here, which also means it's Kitten Season. Rescue centres will soon be over-run with kittens - largely because too many owners didn't get their cat spayed, and find themselves with an unplanned, unwanted litter. Please neuter your cat - male or female. If cost is an issue, low cost neutering is available - don’t wait til it’s too late!

Why Neuter? Where to get Low Cost Neutering »

support cat adoption, join Friends of Cat ChatJoin 'Friends of Cat Chat'

You can help more Cats out of Shelters, into Homes!

Currently over 8,000 rescued cats from rescue centres and rehoming groups across the UK and Ireland, find homes each year through Cat Chat. Our Friends are vital to ensure the 'Rehoming Lifeline' that we provide to shelters. Friends get an Exclusive welcome gift, entry into our Friends prize draws, and more...

Become a 'Friend of Cat Chat' here »

See Cats Needing Homes Near YOU...

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Based in Coulsden, Surrey
Ace Cat and Kitten Rescue is involved in the rescue and rehoming of cats and kittens in the Surrey and London areas. All kittens are neutered at 16 weeks and all adults will be neutered prior to homing; all their cats and kittens will be microchipped.
Fosterers Needed: Ace Cat & Kitten Rescue are looking for fosters, please contact them if you are interested in helping.
Tel: 07904 271845
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: Ace Cat & Kitten Rescue

Find a Rescue Centre

Our Cat Shelters section is a comprehensive register of cat rescue centres, rehoming groups, shelters, sanctuaries and cat welfare charities across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. All kinds of cat rescue organisations are included, from the smallest homing groups to branches of the national rescue charities. If you could offer a home to a rescued cat, you can find details of all your local rescues here...
Visit our Cat Shelters Section »

Adopt a Rescue Cat

Are you thinking of adopting a rescued cat or kitten? Perhaps you are looking for a friendly family cat or a loving feline companion? Could you offer a caring home to a kitten or two, or a rural home for neutered feral cats? Our Cats Needing Homes section features thousands of cats and kittens of all ages, colours and personalities in rescue centres throughout the UK and Ireland, all looking for a loving home...
See Cats Needing Homes near you here »

Help for Shelters

If you run a Cat Rescue Shelter or Rehoming Group in the UK or Ireland - Cat Chat can help you!
We offer free web-based assistance to cat rescue centres, to help find more good homes for cats in shelter care. We can also help vets practices with cats to rehome. Currently over 8,000 rescued cats and kittens annually, find a new home with Cat Chat's help.

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