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Below are a few 'extra special' stories of cats homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!

Yoyo, from Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford, homed through Cat ChatLovely three-legged girl Yoyo has finally been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat Overlooked Cats page. She is now thriving in her forever home. Thank you!

Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford

Buzz, from Marjorie Nash, Amersham, homed through Cat ChatBuzz came in to us as a stray who had obviously got lost or been left behind as he was very friendly.  His coat was in a dreadful state and we had to clip out all the matts, so he wasn't looking at his best for several weeks.  After a wait of several months and one false start though no fault of his own, Buzz has at last found a place to call home.  He's gone to a lovely family with no other cats, but a very cat-friendly dog who had apparently been missing their old cat, recently passed away at a ripe old age.  Buzz apparently wasn't hugely impressed on first introduction to the dog, and he hissed at him, but the dog was determined to be friends, went off to fetch his beloved tennis ball, brought it back and laid it in front of Buzz as a peace offering! A week on they're still not best friends but are already happy to sleep in the same room, so things are looking good.  Buzz was seen on our Cat Chat homing page, so a big thank you to Cat Chat from us, and from Buzz!

Marjorie Nash, Amersham

Emmett from Rolvenden Cat Rescue, Rolvenden, homed through Cat ChatI found my lovely little fella Emmett through yourselves and brought him home on 21st December 2016.  Apparently he had been abandoned by previous owners and then treated badly while on the streets.  As you can see by his photo, he's a gorgeous boy and a welcome addition to my family.  I think you all do an amazing job for these poor defenceless animals.  Thank you for helping me find Emmett!

Rolvenden Cat Rescue, Rolvenden

Stanley, from National Animal Welfare Trust Tameside, Manchester, homed through Cat ChatI am so pleased to tell you that Stanley went to his new home yesterday. He went to a lovely retired couple in Ellesmere Port. No other pets and will be spoilt rotten. They saw him on Cat Chat so can't thank you enough.

National Animal Welfare Trust Tameside, Manchester

Gus & Frank from Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinkley, homed through Cat ChatWe were lucky enough to be contacted by a fab lady initially looking for a different cat on our Cat Chat page but then it became apparent that she was a perfect hope for our little Gus (pictured) who was born with congenital dwarfism and had always been a stray, living outside and sheltered by a neighbour. He is now a spoilt, happy pet and still just as scrumptious. Another of our kittens, Frank, was also homed after being seen on our page. You are all amazing!

Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley

Star, from Canino Animal Rescue, Northampton, homed through Cat ChatStar arrived at the rescue as a very heavily pregnant stray. She not only gave birth to five kittens but also adopted three other babies whose mother was too poorly to care for them. Many thanks to Cat Chat - gorgeous Star has now been rehomed!

Canino Animal Rescue, Northampton

Lily, from Beverley & Pockington Cats Protection, Beverley, homed through Cat ChatBeautiful and deserving Lily (who had been living in a clump of bushes for a year or so) was seen on Cat Chat and has moved to her new home.

Beverley & Pockington Cats Protection, Beverley

Momo & Sooty from Animal Concern Cumbria - North Lakes and Solway, Carlisle, homed through Cat ChatMomo is FIP positive, as is her 10-year-old friend Sooty. They were long-term rescue cats seeking an indoor home together with no other cats. Momo (left) and Sooty (right) have now been adopted thanks to your site on Cat Chat.

Animal Concern Cumbria - North Lakes and Solway, Carlisle

Xi, Xosé, Xuan & Xavier, from Eight Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatIt's been a busy time here just recently. Following mum Xin's rehoming, her four kittens Xi, Xosé, Xuan & Xavier have also gone off to their new homes too - mostly through being spotted on Cat Chat. The photo is of the little family when they arrived here .... the kittens were obviously much older when they went to new homes :)

Eight Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

Smokey & Leo, from Mitzi’s Kitty Corner, Totnes, homed through Cat ChatGreat news for two 8ish year olds: Smokey (left) has been rehomed today via Cat Chat. Leo (right) reserved and to be collected tomorrow - via Cat Chat. Fabulous homes. Thank you so much!

Mitzi’s Kitty Corner, Totnes

Eleanor & Emily, from Anim-mates, Sevenoaks, homed through Cat ChatTwo Anim-Mates​ cats ​have just been ​successfully homed through Cat Chat​. Eleanor (left) and Emily (right), mum and daughter, 7 and 6, had been in our care for 10 weeks and we were getting concerned if anyone would give a home to two mature cats. A couple in Crawley Down (well outside our area) saw ​Eleanor and Emily​ on Cat Chat and have adopted them. Many thanks for your help and wonderful work!

Anim-mates, Sevenoaks

Troy/Percy from Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes, homed through Cat ChatTroy was rehomed and Cat Chat had a very big part, thank you!! It's exciting because he was chosen especially because he was overlooked!  He was interviewed for a job and is now the official station cat with Dartmoor Railway (Okehampton train station). He has his quarters in their historic signal box and his own Facebook page. They had a competition to rename him Percy!! He has settled fabulously well and already has his own fan club.

Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes

 Star from Cat Action Trust 1977 - Doncaster South, Doncaster, homed through Cat ChatStar was in foster care for four years so we're very pleased she was homed through Cat Chat.

Cat Action Trust 1977 - Doncaster South, Doncaster

Giles & Adele from Burton Joyce Cat Welface, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatGiles (left) went on our homing page on the Monday and was in his new home by the Saturday afternoon, hardly surprising as he was young, handsome and desirable and the spitting image of the cat his new owner had lost.  Adele (right) had been with us since the beginning of the year and looked like going nowhere, she was black and bald but blessed with the sweetest nature a cat could have. This weekend she was adopted after being seen on Cat Chat and settled in with her new family straight away.  Both these cats owe their new start to Cat Chat.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Emily & Lola, from Cats in Need, Hinckley, homed through Cat ChatOur fabulous feral who turned into a snuggle puss Emily (left) and our beautiful Bengal Lola (right) rescued from a free to a good home advert on Facebook both found their new homes in April after being spotted on our page. Many thanks as always!

Cats in Need, Hinckley

Alfie, from Knight Cat and Kitten Rescue, Doncaster, homed through Cat ChatAlfie is now happily settled into his new home, after being spotted on Cat Chat. Alfie's previous owner went into a care home and as no-one was willing to care for him, he was left to fend for himself in the garden. Luckily a kind neighbour called us for help and we were able to take him. Many thanks!

Knight Cat and Kitten Rescue, Doncaster

Madame Cholet and Mikey, from Cramar Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Birmingham, homed through Cat ChatMadame Cholet (left) and Mikey (right) have been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat's  'Overlooked cats' section. After all her adventures (having been found in a wheelie bin!), we wish a happy new home to Madame Cholet and her new family! Thanks for your help!

Cramar Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Birmingham

 Smokey from National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock, homed through Cat ChatAnother success!  Smokey was a stray cat that came to us in a bad condition.  After vet treatment we put her on Cat Chat and wonderful owners came forward.  After just over a month with them she is doing well and is very loved. Thank you Cat Chat.

National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock

Billy & Jess from Knight Cat and Kitten Rescue, Doncaster, homed through Cat ChatBilly (left) & Jess (right) went from stray kittens in a back alley to having the most wonderful home thanks to Cat Chat.

Knight Cat and Kitten Rescue, Doncaster

Janie, Sasha and more, from Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatJanie, Sasha and Oliver. Janie (left) and Sasha were on our homing page, Oliver (right) wasn't as he had problems and we considered him unhomeable at the time. The couple that came to see the girls fell in love with them and gave them a chance, despite them being nervous. On the way out they were accosted by Oliver who was loose in the garden and fell in love with him! They took him with his bald patches due to knots being shaved and his stomach problem, we sent him with his medication and he's reported to be slowly improving. All three owe their new lives to Cat Chat.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Milo, from National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock, homed through Cat ChatWhen his owner died suddenly, poor Milo didn't know what had happened. He came to us but was in an a very sad state. It took a long time for him to accept the world, but eventually he did and thanks to Cat Chat we found an owner who was leading a quiet life which is just what Milo needed. Together they are so happy. Once again thanks to Cat Chat!

National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock

James & Robin, from National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock, homed through Cat ChatThanks to help from Cat Chat, abandoned brothers James (left) and Robin (right) have now been rehomed and are doing very well in their new home. Many thanks to Cat Chat.

National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock

Milo & Gordon, from Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch, homed through Cat ChatWith Cat Chat's help we have rehomed two more cats: Milo (left) who came to us because his owner was out all day and Milo used to get bored and got up to mischief, now he has got company, with a nice young family; and Gordon (right) found wandering in the street with no home. Now he has found a family to call his own. All the best and thanks!

Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch

Shadow from Cat Welfare, Luton and Little Cottage Rescue, Luton, homed through Cat ChatOur wonderful three-legged boy has found a new home via Cat Chat. Good luck to Shadow!

Cat Welfare, Luton and Little Cottage Rescue, Luton

Wonky from Little Cottage Rescue, Luton, homed through Cat ChatWonky was born with us and sadly her mummy was carrying cat flu and due to this wonky has lost an eye and all of her teeth, she is also mildly brain damaged. Wonky was spotted on Cat Chat and is now in her new home.

Little Cottage Rescue, Luton

Rescue cats Delilah and Janice from Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatDelilah (left), Janice (right), Howard & Harriet, Casper and Twiglet.  Here are are some of the most recent homed Kirkby Cats that owe their new start to Cat Chat. Delilah was spotted when someone came to visit Howard and Harriet and the three left to start their lives together. No surprise here, the delectable Janice charmed her new owners after they had spotted her on our homing page, she has settled straight into her new life. Casper is a lucky older black lad who had been with us a while. Howard and Harriet have been with us all summer and although Harriet was timid their new mum and dad gave them both a chance.  Twiglet was traumatised and hiding even though she'd been with us months, however this didn't deter her new mum from giving her a chance. Twiglet's lucky escape from Kirkby is all down to her appearance on our homing page. 

Kirkby Cats Home, Kirkby-in-Ashfield

Rescue cat Mr Bradley Walsh from Bromley and District Cat Rescue, Bromley, homed through Cat Chat The gorgeous Mr Bradley Walsh has now gone to his new home. He was in such a poor state when we took him in, it's wonderful to see him both restored to health, and now off to a new life, with some lovely people who found us through Cat Chat. We're delighted for him - and them!

Bromley & District Cat Rescue

Sally and Mabel, Rescue cats from Bromley & District Cat Rescue, homed through Cat Chat Sally (left), Mabel (right), Ben, Grace, Primrose & Peony, Millie, Blossom & Bella, Sara & Betty plus two semi feral cats. It's been an emotional weekend, as no less than 13 cats have left us for pastures new - all to the same home! Many of these cats are quite nervous due to their past histories, which makes this even more amazing. They have been adopted by an incredibly caring lady, who found us through Cat Chat a few years ago, who has the experience and patience they need. As many of the cats have formed strong bonds with each other, it's fantastic that they are staying together.

Bromley & District Cat Rescue

iley, Jerry & Kitty from Rugeley Cats Society, Rugeley, homed through Cat ChatWonderful news! Miley, Jerry and Kitty were spotted on Cat Chat and have a new home together to live out their lives. These three all have FIP so finding a home to take them wasn't going to be easy.

Rugeley Cats Society, Rugeley

Rescue cats and kittens from City Cat Shelter, Brighton homed through Cat ChatConway (left), Emma (right), Foxy, Jakey, Poppy, Willy, Benny, Brad and Petra & 8 kittens: Hi Cat Chat, Conway, Emma, Foxy, Jakey, Poppy, Willy, Benny, Brad and Petra, plus eight kittens - all homed in November!! All of the cats except Jakey appeared on CatChat, he and some of the kittens were homed through people just reading our page and coming to visit anyway! Our free rehoming page has been a very useful tool in giving so many cats a new home. All have settled well in their new homes, and we are rather pleased that most of them have kept their old names! Many thanks.

City Cat Shelter, Brighton

Katrina from National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock, homed through Cat ChatA year ago a pretty cat was found unable to move on grass by some flats. Vets found it was suffering from a damaged pelvis and, after treatment, the cat came to us and we named her Katrina. After six weeks’ cage rest and weekly vet visits, we knew then she was progressing fine. In view if this history, we thought she should be an indoor cat in a quiet home. Thanks to Cat Chat putting Katrina on its website, we eventually found the right person for her and she is now happy in her new home, really being loved. It took time but was worth it. Thank you so much.

National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock

Purdy & Bailey from Kirkby Cats Home, homed through Cat ChatPurdy (left), Bailey (right), plus Mouse and Minnow: Steed's mum Purdy followed her son out of rescue thanks to Cat Chat. Lovely, lucky Bailey made a brief appearance on our Cat Chat Homing Page and has been snapped up. A surprise this one, as Mouse was timid but after being spotted on Cat Chat she was quickly adopted. After being overlooked time and time again, Minnow has fallen lucky thanks to Cat Chat.

Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham

Holly and Dottie from Cat Action Trust 77, Leeds, homed through Cat ChatHolly (left), plus Dotty (right), Daisy and Bertie: Just like to let you know that Holly, who was on the Overlooked Cats section, has now been rehomed through Cat Chat. We've also rehomed Dottie, Daisy and Bertie thanks to Cat Chat. The people actually wanted 2 cats and came to look at 3 we'd taken from the same house and decided they would have them all rather than split them. Thanks so much for your help.

Cat Action Trust 1977, Leeds

Molly, Marty, Toby and Bessie from Bromley & District Cat Rescue, Bromley, homed through Cat ChatFour of our cats – Molly (left), Marty (right), Toby and Bessie – have been homed, all to the same home! They have gone to live with a lovely lady who found us through Cat Chat several years ago and adopted from us then. This time, she has gone the extra mile and taken on four of our longer-stay cats, three of which are quite shy. Molly has made herself at home right away, and we are sure the others will settle in in their own time. A great result, thanks for all your help.
Bromley & District Cat Rescue, Bromley

Frankie, Charley, Bella and others from City Cat Shelter, homed through Cat ChatCan we have a roll all to ourselves please?! We've had a really busy month. Frankie (left), Amber's kitten Charley (centre) and Bella (right) – have been homed (Charley and Amber went together with Charley’s sister Target), along with Teddy, Stan & Mandy, Emily, Felix & Mei Mei, Dustbin Sam, Sox, Twig, Frankie and two of her kittens – Rusty & Fizz! Purrs and headbumps from many happy cats! =^..^=

City Cat Shelter, Brighton

Rescue cat Gertie from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatHi, I'm delighted to let you know that our 'overlooked cat' Gertie is settling into her new home this evening thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat. She's not been the easiest cat to place because of her health issues, but she's a lovely purry girl and so deserves the lovely couple who have adopted her. Thank you for your help in making this happen.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

pair of cats adopted from City Cat Shelter, BrightonMax (left), Ziggy (right), plus Tilly, Willow & Bobby, Wicksy, Scooby & Max, Diesel and Summer:
After a slow start we are enjoying a good run of rehoming as the month ends. We were particularly pleased to secure a home for Summer, who remains very scared, but is taking baby steps forward! Scooby and Max, and in a separate home Wicksy, all adore their new homes. We love Cat Chat!

City Cat Shelter, Brighton 

Cat Homing and Rescue (CHAR), WarringtonFern & Star (Pictured) and three legged Tika Teddy have been homed thanks to Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section! We are now starting to rehome some of our kitties with your much appreciated help. Thank you so very, very much.

Cat Homing and Rescue (CHAR), Warrington

Black and white rescue cat Fred, homed through Cat Chat from Burton Joyce cat WelfareFred has gone! The other cats have heaved a sigh of relief as there are no more beatings (!), however Fred doesn't care as he's sorted and it's all thanks to Cat Chat.

Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham

Simba, rescued cat adopted from Canino Animal RescueSimba's new owner found us through Cat Chat so thanks very much! We were worried about him finding a place because of his extra issues but thanks to Cat Chat someone found him and is willing to take on his disabilities.

Canino Animal Rescue, Northampton

black and white cat homed BrightonWe are delighted with these homings helped by Cat Chat.  Seven-year-old brother and sister Ziggy (pictured) and Tilly were quite hard to home being older, while Summer, who was very timid, has been given a chance with a lady who has three cats already. We hope she will enjoy being in a home when she comes out from behind the cupboard! Thanks very much.

City Cat Shelter, Brighton

tabby cat homed bromley & district cat rescueGreat news – our darling deaf boy Geoffrey has been whisked off to the most fabulous home. He has gone to live with a lovely couple who have adopted from us before after finding us on Cat Chat. Geoffrey was in such a rotten state when he was rescued – to now see him having regained his health and gone to such a wonderful home, it's the perfect ending. Thank you!

Bromley & District Cat Rescue, Bromley

black and white cat homed from Tain cats protectionMacca went to his very comfortable new home on Friday, with a really lovely couple. Let's hope he realises just how lucky he is, considering the awful surroundings he was in before he was rescued (house stinking, dirt and urine all over the floors, just a tea tray filled with biscuits to share with 20 other cats). He is now able to enjoy the next part of his nine lives. Another success for Cat Chat!!!! Keep up the good work. (Macca was featured on Cat Chat's Overlooked 15 campaign)

Cats Protection, Tain

Rescue cat Teddy from Bromley & District Cat Rescue, Kent, homed through Cat ChatAmazing news – this time for our terrific Teddy. Teddy had been with us for a while as he had a badly broken back leg and needed weeks of cage rest, but he’s back on his feet now, and was more than ready for a proper home. Teddy and his new housemate Joshua are both lovely, laid-back cats, so they should be a good match and his new mum is thrilled with him!

Bromley & District Cat Rescue, Kent

Rescue cat Jasper from Burton-upon-Stather Cat Rescue, Scunthorpe, homed through Cat ChatJasper was straying near a school, and a lady who worked there was feeding him, but when the school closed for Christmas there was no-one to feed him and that is when he came into rescue. He was a lovely big friendly boy who loved to sit on your knee. Fortunately he was seen on Cat Chat by a family who had a lovely country home with lots of space for Jasper to explore. He took no time to settle and is adored by the family. Jasper has definitely found his forever home!

Burton-upon-Stather Cat Rescue, Scunthorpe, Lincs

Three rescue cats from National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock, Essex, homed through Cat ChatSuzy (right), Teddy (middle) & Jet (left): We are so delighted to say a pair of cats, Suzy and Teddy, that have been together all their lives have been homed together. Not only that, but their young playmate Jet has also gone to the same home. The new owners are so happy with them, so we must thank Cat Chat.

National Animal Welfare Trust, Thurrock

Rescue cat Archie from Bromley & District Cat Rescue, Kent, homed through Cat ChatWe’ve found the most perfect home for our deaf boy Archie, thanks to Cat Chat! He’s gone to live with a lovely couple who already have another deaf cat. They have a great big flat and are experienced owners – it couldn’t be better, really. First night report is that they totally adore him and he’s already making friends with their other cat. Archie loves cuddles and he will be getting plenty of those from now on, by the sound of it. Thanks once again for your help.

Bromley & District Cat Rescue, Kent

Sister cats homed together from City Cat Shelter BrightonCity Cat Shelter is very proud to announce yet another rehoming through Cat Chat - the lovely Sophie (left), who is virtually blind, and her sister Lily (right). The owner was originally only going to take Sophie, but Lily did such a good job of "me too, me too!" that she got a home as well! Their new home is spacious and full of light, and the girls love it.

City Cat Shelter, Brighton

Timmy Cat homed from City Cat Shelter BrightonTimmie was one of our hardest cats to home as he was born in the wild and was in the shelter for most of his one year of life!

Timmie had never even been inside a house, but three days into his homing after being spotted on Cat Chat and all is going well. We are hopeful things will work out.

City Cat Shelter, Brighton

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