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  • All adult cats placed on Cat Chat Homing Pages must either already be neutered, or will be neutered prior to homing. Pages found to be featuring un-neutered adult cats may be removed without prior notice.
  • Kittens featured must be a minimum of 8 weeks old prior to adoption.
  • Your Homing Page should be maintained regularly, ideally weekly, or at least fortnightly. Pages not updated for two months, following our standard reminders, may be de-activated until such time as they are updated.
  • Cat Chat’s remit as a charity is to support rescue shelters and cats within our registered coverage area of the UK and Ireland. Therefore we are unable to assist organisations based outside of the UK or Ireland, or organisations based in the UK or Ireland, whose main or sole purpose is to import animals from overseas.

TOP TIPS for Good Homing Results:
(1) Update Your Page Regularly (2) Include a Photo (3) Full & Honest Descriptions

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