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Our Remembrance Gallery is a place to remember your much loved cats, and a way to pay a real tribute to them, by helping rescued cats find the homes they need. Therefore, we ask for a small donation to place your tribute here.

Tributes will remain on the Remembrance Gallery for a minimum of one year. Donations made in memory of a loved pet help us to help more cats out of shelters and into homes, across the UK and Ireland. We respectfully ask that tributes are kept to within 100 words, thank you.

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In Remembrance of Thomas catThomas 2000 - 2017

Wonderful and loving kitty, you helped me through difficult times, missing you always xx

In Remembrance of Abby cat


Darling Abby, our little princess cat.

Taken too soon from us.

In remembrance of Tia CatIt was such a shock when the vet told us that it was kinder to let you go my Darling Tia. You were only 12 and you'd always been so fit.
We will always miss your sweet, cute, happy little face and those little hops you used to do, your impatience when Mummy got home from work and you wanted a cuddle and a warm lap.
Hope Grandpa is looking after you.

All our love Mummy, Daddy and Murphy xxxx

In Remembrance of Oskar catIn Remembrance of my Oskar November 13 2012

Hello my beloved Oskar, I was blessed that you gave me 18 years of your precious life and I love you just as much now, as I did when you were with me. I dreamt of you a while ago and when I awoke, it was like losing you all over again. I will always love, adore and cherish you and never forget you.

Forever and always, your mam. XXxXX

In remembrance of Pumpkin catPumpkin Went to Rainbow Bridge on 27.09.2016 aged 14 years.

Our beloved, beautiful girl. You were so loving and put up such a brave fight against your illness. We will miss your leaping across us on the bed, your head butts, stroking your chin, your voracious appetite and even when you went meezicle hunting. We will miss your cheery greeting whenever we came home and singing to you. We will miss you every minute of every day and you are in our hearts forever. Until we meet again.

Nighty night darling. All our love xxx

In remembrance of Jack catMy darling gorgeous boy Jack,

I can't believe you are not with me anymore. You were the best, most affectionate, funny and gorgeous boy ever. I will miss your cuddles, your meows and funny noises.

Until we meet again - I love you more than anything xxxxxxxxxxx

In remembrance of Murphy catMurphy aka 'Murphs'.

You were the first cat I ever came to love.
You cured me of my cat allergy and became a true friend.
I remember being wary of you till I saw you in the garden smelling flowers.
My heart melted straight away.
All you ever wanted was a cuddle, a stroke and water from the tap..such a good cat.
Sorry if I ever shoo'd you away.
You always forgave so quickly.
Rosa, Adam, Emma and I will never forget you little friend.
Sleep well, you'll live on in our hearts and memories for as long as we're here.

Clive xxxx

Tribute to Princess Naila catOur beloved Princess Naila our faithful friend,
and your love you shared till the very end.
For 17 years our family was blessed,
now it's time for you to rest.
You still live on in the hearts and minds,
of the loving family you left behind.

In remembrance of Myrtle cat We love and miss you 'Fluffers' R.I.P Myrtle xxxx

In remembrance of Mischa cat February 2014

To my darling Mischa. You have been such a loyal friend and I will really miss you. We were so honoured when you chose our house to be your maternity ward in 1996. My heart is breaking (again). I hope you have also found Biscuit, Whisky, Sam, Kitten and my parents at Rainbow Bridge. Until we all meet again, sweet dreams.

Lots of love from Mum (Helen)

In remembrance of Kitten cat My Darling Kitten: 1993 - 2012

Dear Kitten, I love you and my heart is breaking. You have been such a comfort and friend to me since Mum died and I will forever be grateful. I will miss you so much.
I hope you have found Biscuit, Sam, Whisky and Mum at Rainbow Bridge.

Until we meet again, sweet dreams my baby,

All our love Mummy & Mischa xxxxxx

In remembrance of Thomas cat Prince among Cats
c. 2001 - 27/12/2015

Tommy, from the moment you strolled into our lives you won our hearts. Dear, smiling boy with your big, Charlie Chaplin feet and your purr like a little tractor, we miss you so much. We knew you were losing your brave battle with CKD, but never thought you would leave us that way. I pray you are reunited with your friend, Rosie dog and you will play happily at the Bridge until we meet again,

your loving Mummy, Daddy (Sue and Dave) brother and sisters, Bobby, Willow, Purdy and Grace.

In remembrance of Kitty cat Who went to Rainbow Bridge on 4 July 2012

Our beautiful golden princess, you were so caring and loving, with the sweetest most uncomplaining nature of any cat we have ever known. You would rush to us when we came in and welcome us with your sparkling but very loud miaow. We loved to sing “All the single kitties” to you as you lifted your paw along. You loved playing “stringy”, chasing around after an old bit of string. You were so poorly but bore all your visits to the vet and treatments so bravely. We wanted to have longer with you and tried everything to save you, but it was so sadly not to be.

We miss you so much Kitty. The house is empty and cold without you. We can sometimes hear your little paw steps jumping down from the windowsill and hope that you are still close to us.

Sleep tight at Rainbow Bridge darling Kit and wait for us… xxx

In remembrance of Sammy cat Who went to Rainbow Bridge in August 2005

You came into our lives as a stray and were so frightened and thin that you wouldn't even come near us when we left food out for you for a year and lived under the holly bush. Gradually we won your trust and you moved in to live with us. You made our lives complete and we were happy and honoured that you chose to come to be with us as our darling companion. You were such a fine cat, and a real gentleman.

So loved and longed for always darling Sam.
Until we meet again.

Nighty Night Sweetheart - Mummy and Daddy xxx()()

In remembrance of Toby cat 1999 - 2009

My sweet Toby
Love you always
Never will forget your beautiful face
Thinking of you every second of every day

Mummy, Daddy, Colin & Claire xxxx

In remembrance of Kayti cat Our beautiful Kayti sadly taken from us on 17 August 2015 after a sudden mystery illness.

Thank you for the 7 wonderful years we had with you sharing your friendship and love, you were always there for us and helped me through my own illness.
We miss you so much everyday now and forever our Angel you were like a daughter to us.
Lots of love and now it is time for you to join Mitzi and play together in the sun at Rainbow Bridge.

We love you so much Joanne and Paul xxxx

In remembrance of Baylee cat Our dearly beloved Baylee Lucas, who we sadly had to let go with love at 6.15pm on Tuesday the 11th of August 2015.
Baylee you gave us 16 years and 9 months of unconditional love, companionship, laughter, lots of fur and heaps of purrs, we miss you so very much.

Baylee you were always a mummy's boy, listened to me in both good and bad, happy and sad times, thank you. The house is so empty without you.

I pray you have now met up with your sister Maisie who we lost 6 years ago and that you are now running free, happy, and healthy, until we walked together again my love, God bless you for choosing us and gracing us with you magnificence, love you, miss you always

Mum and Dad aka Lee & Chris XX.

In remembrance of William cat May 2001- 4 June 2015.

My dearest William,

You were the most complex and complicated cat ever, but so magnificent and loving. You were nervous and skittish, but loved the outdoors where you patrolled your territory like a gentle giant.
We went on an amazing 10 year journey together of trust, love and happiness.
You were there when I lost my Oskar, but now you have left a massive void and my heart is breaking again. My love for you will never leave me, you were and will always be my sweet William.

My love for you forever and always, your Mam xxXxx.

In remembrance of Misty cat RIP 29.04.15

Taken too soon from your loving family. I will miss your morning alarm calls, your loving purrs and night night kisses. Go to Rainbow bridge and until we meet again. I love you

The Millson Family X

In remembrance of Spider cat 20.04.15

Such a small cat and such a massive hole now you are not with me.
I will see you one day Spider.
Rest in peace best friend.

Love Dad XXX

In remembrance of Teddy Edwards cat 26.04.12 - 15.03.15

Our beautiful boy "Teddy Edwards" who left us so suddenly and with empty hearts.
He filled our lives with fun and joy each and every day.
A more loveable, beautiful boy in every way you could not wish for.
Our lives and home will be a little darker without your shining soul around.

We will hold you in our hearts forever more.
Run free my baby boy XX

In remembrance of Heidi cat 11.03.15

You've left us today, but we will remember you forever. Our Big Poozie with a big heart. One in a million. Rest in peace lovely girl and thank you for all the love you brought to our family. We will miss you so much, especially Claire who shared almost half her life with you, and adored you.
Sleep tight puss.

Mum and David

In remembrance of Timmy Tuna cat Timmy Tuna you were 18 years and until the very end this didn't show, we only had you for 4 short years as a foster cat, but we knew instantly we could never let you go to another home. You will always be our first boy and we will never forget you.

Run free over Rainbow Bridge - Lots of Love always Mummy & Daddy xxxx

In remembrance of Duke cat 28 February 2015

Duke, you seriously were the nicest cat in the world!
You lived a long a happy life - and you were loved so dearly. An older black rescue cat, you came to live with us with your brother Luke in December 2001. You were always great company, affectionate, and a great source of amusement!
For anyone reading this... Please don't overlook black, or older cats (Duke was both!). A great companion & missed so much already.

'It's nice to be important...but more important to be nice'

RIP, Claire, Alistair (& Peggy the chicken!) xxx

In remembrance of Chloe cat 01/01/99 -13/02/15

Mummy misses you more than you can imagine. Your sweet face brushing against me wanting your dinner, your fave thing!
Rest in peace my baby and play with your sister Jassie at RB

Until we meet again and I know we will xx

In remembrance of Kenzie cat 02/07/13 - 18/11/14

God Looked Around His House and Found An Empty Space.
He then looked upon this earth, and saw your tired face.
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone.
For part of us went with you, the day God took you home.

You crossed Rainbow Bridge long before your time.
You're missed so so much darling boy

Sleep tight Until we meet again
Lots of Love and kisses
Mummy and Daddy XXXXX

In remembrance of Hachi cat My Darling Beautiful Boy Nov 2012 - Nov 2014

You were taken too early my darling boy, Mommy is sorry she was unable to take you home to rest but a part of you will always be in my heart. Mommy misses your little cheeky face, character and your zest for life. The thought of not being able to touch, hear, see, smell and feel you is heartbreaking.
But I know we will meet soon with you teasing Chika and eating your yummy tuna, play hard and remember Mommy loves and misses you.

Mommy, Nanuk, Minoes and Kiki

In remembrance of Lord Teddy Hamilton catOctober 2014

If I had known that on that day our time was near the end
I would have done things differently, my forever friend.
I would have stayed right next to you deep into the night
but I thought I'd see you in the early morning light
And so I said "Good night" to you as I walked in through the door
never thinking of the time when I'd see you no more.
If I had known that on that day our time was near the end
I would have done things differently, my forever friend.
Taken away from us so young and beautiful
Forever in our hearts

May God give you the best place in Heaven

From your Forever Family

In remembrance of Humbug catc1990 - 7th June 2010

In memory of our dearest Humbug, our Princess Pretty. We first met you when you came to say hello when we first moved in 10 years ago and have been part of our lives ever since, first as an overnight visitor and then as a permanent resident for the last 5 years. You ruled the street with a quiet grace, and loved nothing more than to await unsuspecting doggies as they passed our drive, when they would be greeted with a smart tap on the nose or hiss. Everyone knew you and loved you. You loved us singing your special "You're Beautiful" song to you and having tummy tucks and toe ticks. You were always with us and tended to us when we were ill, never leaving our side. Such a loving, darling and extra special girl - one in a million. Our house is now empty and all the life has gone from it. We miss you so very, very much.

Sleep tight at Rainbow Bridge darling Hum, with your sisters and Bella and Sam.

Until we meet again...
Love you more than anything
Mummy and Daddy xxx

In remembrance of Rudi cat 1997 - 07.09.14

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. The hole that was left in my life can never be filled.

Till we meet again my darling girl.

In remembrance of Motley cat 14.02.10 - 05.06.14

My darling baby girl, you were a shining light in my life, we chose each other that day in the rain. You were one in a million pusskin, you touched so many hearts. Exploring all over Northumberland together. You were taken so young and I miss you more than I ever thought possible. I'd do anything for one more day. I know you would have loved it in the woods where we laid you, climbing trees and chasing butterflies. We will meet again my sweet princess. Sleep well.

Love Mummy and Daddy xxxx

In remembrance of Molly cat June 2014

This is Molly, our beautiful, faithful cat who was with us for many years. She passed away from old age on 3rd June 2014 and will be so sadly missed. Although our hearts are breaking we are happy that you are at peace and running and playing in cat heaven with Betty.

You made all of our hearts grow, its no wonder that we love you so.....

You will be forever in our hearts "Molshies" x

In remembrance of Lily cat May 2014

With us for such a short time….but loved so much.
A grand old lady with a sad story to tell.
I hope your time with us was the best of your life.
You deserved so much longer and I wish I could have done more for you.
A beautiful cat with a beautiful spirit. Always in my heart.
Could not have been more loved.
Sleep well my gorgeous girl.

All love and kisses,
Mummy xxx

In remembrance of Chloe cat June 1995 - April 2nd 2014

Remembering our dear Chloe with much affection.
You were a well loved girl who will be missed so much.
You brought us much love and joy and even more when times were hard.
To lose you was such a blow it was hard to say goodbye you looked so peaceful asleep.
Thanks for being our well loved pet I bet you are looking down on us now with a smile and saying 'look at me Lucy you cant catch me now!'
Lucy is looking for you Chloe and so are we!
Sleep well our little love and be free as a lamb you will be missed by us all

Goodnight sweetie Mummy, Susie, and Lucy xxxxx

In remembrance of Ruby cat 1.2.2006 - 13.2.2013

There is not a day that goes past that I don't think about you my darling girl.
I miss you more every day and so do your sisters and new brother.
The girls still recognise your name when I talk to you each night.
I think of our last cuddle and I can smell your special scent and that helps me to go on.
You are a very special girl who brought such light into my life.
I think of your cheeky ways and look at your pictures and can finally smile at the memories, though I'm crying at the same time.
We will be together again one day Ruby, you can count on it.

With all our love, always,

Mummy, Lily, Poppy, Gypsy, Mischa, Summer, Thea, Rose, Tipsy and Jagger xxoxxo

In remembrance of Sooty cat 13 February 2014

Thank you Sooty for being such a wonderful companion for the last 10 years. Missing you greatly and will never forget you. Hope you are enjoying playing up there at Rainbow Bridge with Smudge , Rupert and Rodney and all the new furry friends you have now made.

Love you loads
Mum Sandie xxxxxxx

In remembrance of Buffy Hamilton cat Rest in Peace - February 2014

Thank you for bringing joy and happiness to us. We miss you so much.

Hugs and Kisses from
Your cat brother Edgar, Mum, Dad and Aamir

Until we meet in Heaven keep purring.

In remembrance of Luke cat 14th February 2014
Luke, you were a legend in your own lifetime!

You lived a long a happy life - and you were loved to the max! An older black rescue cat, you came to live with us with your brother Duke in December 2001. We already miss your yowling and purring, and your many funny ways. You were always great company, affectionate, and a great source of amusement!

For anyone reading this... Please don't overlook black, or older cats (Luke was both!), I didn't think it was possible to love a cat this much, and he gave as good as he got!

RIP Luke - always in our hearts and minds.
Claire, Alistair and Duke xxx

In remembrance of Pixie Mae cat November 2013

Died unexpectedly whilst recovering from an accident at the vets. Too young to die, you were only four and were such a lovely little girl. I will miss you and never forget you.

God bless you, now at home with Mungo, Molly and all our other pets at the Rainbow Bridge

In remembrance of Tasha cat 1995 - October 2013

Nite Nite to my beautiful princess,
you can purr away in cat heaven,
we will meet again one day.

Sleep well Tasha xx

In remembrance of Little Puss cat October 2013

'Little Puss', our beloved 1 year old tabby, you stole our hearts.
Thank you for the joy and love you gave us.

R.I.P little kitty xx

In remembrance of Poppy cat Died 10th October 2013

Little one paw we miss you so much,
Rest in peace little one.
We love you.

Love Mummy and Daddy xx

In remembrance of Oddie cat 27.6.12 - 05.10.13

Taken from us far too soon. Our beautiful, loving black and white boy Oddie. Thank you for the ear nibbles and love you gave. Thank you for the 'presents' you left us, some very unexpected... like two bats!!

Devastated by your sudden loss. Go hunt, run and play at Rainbow Bridge, watch over your bonded buddy Fidget. We will remember you always with deep love.

Sleep well sweetheart. xxxxxxxxx

In remembrance of Buttons cat 2001 - 2012

The most faithful friend I ever had.

I miss you so much.

Mummy xxxx

In remembrance of Stanley cat Died 8th August 2013 - Aged 17

A Lovely Cat.
Happy Memories.
Never Forgotten.

love Martin, Wendy and brother Oliver xx

In remembrance of Smiley Cat cat Born 1995 Died 3rd August 2013

My gorgeous Smiley you chose me as your mum and I was blessed; we shared so much together side by side. You were my ray of sunshine my friend, my life. You gave so much and fought through illness many times whilst comforting me when I was ill.
You were gentle and loving and everyone who met you loved you instantly. I'm lost without you my gorgeous girl. My tears will never end now that you've gone. Rest at peace now my gorgeous Smiley.

Mum Amanda xx

In Remembrance of Oskar catMay 1994 - Nov 13 2012
I fell in love with you Oskar the moment you arrived at my home as a 7 month old RSPCA cruelty case.

You were with me for 18 years and were my rock when times got tough, as you were more than a cat my beautiful boy. You will always be 'the one' in my life like no other and the pain of losing you made my heart break and bleed.
You were taken from me in a tragic way, but I will never stop loving you and you are in my heart forever.

All of my heart and love xx - your mam.

In Remembrance of Molly catMolly you are missed more than words can ever say. Our hearts broke when we had to say goodbye. Our memories of you will always be happy ones and we are so honoured to have had you in our lives for 15 years.

You were so loving and full of affection. You had your little quirky ways that made you special. Maisy misses you, I know that you see her when she sits along side where you lay.

We will always love you, and we know you love us and are never far away.

Love you x

In Remembrance of Bramble catFebruary 1995 To 5 October 2012
We chose you for that special look you always had with your long glossy hair and fluffy tail. You gave us many years of fun pleasure and kindness. Always there for a special cuddle or stroke and brush up.

Now reunited with your mate Brandy, both of you are always in our thoughts and hearts - we love you so much.

Goodnight and God bless until we meet at Rainbow Bridge. Bramble Bush (Brammers) we miss you every day and will never forget you.

Lots of Love Mom & Dad & the Gang

In Remembrance of Patsy catMay 7th 1996 - 4th January 2013
You came into our lives as a beautiful bundle of love over 16 years ago. You stood out from the other kittens, not only with your beauty but also your mischievous ways. You always brought beauty, love and sunshine into our lives. You brought me comfort through the loss of a child and being diagnosed with cancer.

Recently, you became poorly. Your kidneys were failing and the vet said there was nothing we could do. You went to sleep in my arms as I cried. You were my angel, a pleasure and a privilege to share my life with, and can never be replaced. Rest in peace my angel. I hope we meet again someday. I will cuddle you then, and never let you go.

Love Donna & Guy Corbin xxx

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