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Rescue cats Poppy and Clover, from Feral Cat Welfare, Leeds, need a homeA great big meow from us both, firstly to say "Hello!" and secondly to introduce ourselves to you. We are Clover and Poppy and, if you are a fan of terrific tabbies, we might just be the cats for you. We are two girls aged around six years old and have been put back into foster care due to a newborn baby in the family unfortunately being allergic to us. It was very sad for us to leave our home of five years, but we hope our lovable personalities and gorgeous tabby looks can help us find a new place that's just as welcoming. We both take a little while to settle into a new environment, but I, Clover, tend to be the more confident cat. Every now and then you will find me darting around the house, while Poppy is more likely to lounge around, demanding attention of you on her terms and only when she feels like it! We have been used to living around sensible children and other cats, so we would be happy to get to know any such creatures in our new home and, while we would love access to the outside, our slightly nervous nature means we never go far so would soon be back with you. We have been vaccinated, neutered and microchipped, and are currently lounging around our fosterer's home waiting for you to get in touch!
POPPY & CLOVER are at Feral Cat Welfare, Leeds. Rehoming across Yorkshire, may go further for right home. To make an enquiry, please Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and please mention you saw Poppy & Clover on Cat Chat, thank you!

 Rescue cat Alfie from Small Pet & Cat Care, Hull, needs homeHi there, I'm Alfie. My story is a bit of a mystery to the lovely rescue people. I turned up at one of their foster homes very hungry, dirty and afraid. All attempts were made to find where I had come from had failed. I had been on the streets for a while - I don't remember much about it but I was afraid of people at first. Now, I'm like a different cat - I'm friendly, I love attention and I like to have a chat with people! The rescue people think I'd make a lovely companion to someone. Please have a think about helping a former stray to turn his life around. Of course I have been neutered.
ALFIE is at Small Pet & Cat Care, Hull. Rehoming in East Yorkshire. To make an enquiry please call: 01482 823 090 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and please mention you saw Alfie on Cat Chat, thank you!

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